How long will my order take to arrive?

We aim to ship all orders within two working days. All orders are shipped fully tracked via either Evri or DPD on a next day delivery service however we are unable to guarantee delivery times.

Where is my order?

On occasion there are delays within the courier networks and parcels do not arrive in the expected timeframe. Please contact us if your parcel has not arrived within 5 working days of being shipped so that we can investigate.

What wax do you use?

We use our own in house blend of coconut and soy wax for a great scent throw and clean burn.

When will 'x' be back in stock?

We continually replenish our wax as it goes out of stock so our resident scents should never be out of stock for longer than a few days.

Why the plastic clamshells?

We moved to plastic clamshells due to uncertainly surrounding snap bars made in chocolate moulds and food imitation laws. We sought advise from the appropriate regulatory bodies and our insurers and came to the decision that it was wise to move to clamshell packaging specifically designed and manufactured for wax to ensure our wax is as safe and compliant as possible. The clamshells were use are made from 88% recycled material and are fully recyclable.

What glitter do you use?

We use plant based bio glitter whenever possible - hex and fine mix. However more intricate and decorative shapes are not currently available in plant based glitter.

What are your bestsellers?

Permanent best sellers include Rhubarb & Custard, Snow Pixies, Fresh Unstoppables, Savage, Small & Mighty, Fluffy Towels, Baby Powder, Rose Wonderland, Marshmallow & Candyfloss, Twisted Mermaid, Strawberry & Lime, Spring Awakening, Cread, Bora Bora, Dark Opium, Honeysuckle & Sandalwood, and Petals & Strawberries.

How does Clearpay work?

If you select Clearpay at the checkout you will be directed to Clearpay to fill out a short form and get an instant approval decision. If approved it allows you to split the cost of your order into 4 instalments, taken automatically every 2 weeks. You'll pay the first instalment at the time of purchase and your order will be shipped the next working day. Clearpay is always zero interest and free when you pay on time. The only fees are if you're late making a payment. If you use Clearpay your payment arrangement will be with Clearpay and any payment queries will need to be directed to them. Any queries regarding your actual order should be directly to Cotswold Wax Co.

Is it safe to burn around my pets?

We use a natural cocosoy wax blend and all of the fragrances we use are UK manufactured in accordance with IFRA regulations. However pets on occasion can suffer with allergies and reactions to fragrance oils in the same way that humans can. We would against melting wax around reptiles, birds and small furries due to their delicate respiratory systems. We supply CLP with our products and would suggest you seek professional veterinary advice if you require clarification on any specific ingredients.

Will the wax trigger my asthma?

This is down to each individual and their own personal triggers. If you have a known respiratory condition would advise you seek professional medical advise.

How do I use wax melts?

Break off a segment of wax and place it in an appropriate wax melter. Never burn for longer than 4 hours at a time and allow the wax to fully cool before re-lighting. Melt until the scent no longer remains.

How long before I need to change the wax?

When you can no longer smell the scent it's time to change your wax. This will vary from scent to scent and will also be determined by the burner used. On average you can expect to get two four hour burns out of each segment of wax. Very small burners sold as oil burners are not suitable for wax melts. They burn at a much higher temperature and will cause the scent to burn off far too quickly. You should be looking to use a burner with a gap of 10cm between the burner dish and the tealight.

How do I change my wax?

From cool, light your burner and wait for 1-2 minutes until the wax just starts to soften on the bottom, you can then just slide it out of your burner and pop it in the bin. Wipe the burner clean using a dry cloth or kitchen roll and then you're ready to add fresh wax.

What are the benefits of wax melts over candles?

You can buy considerably more wax melts for the price of a hand-made candle, therefore giving you the flexibility to try more scents and even have different scents burning in different rooms in your home. Because the heat source for wax melts is directly underneath they tend to give a stronger scent throw than candles.